Barbara Walters net worth

Barbara Jill Walters is an award-winning broadcast journalist, television personality and author. During her career she has hosted numerous shows, including a popular morning television program Today, The View, television magazine 20/20 and ABC Evening News. She has also contributed to ABC News by making numerous reportages, sometimes covering the most important events in the world. Barbara Walters net worth is currently estimated at $160 million.
Barbara was born in 1929, in a family of Dena and Louis Walters, both Jews.

Barbara Walters net worth – 160 Million bucks!

Walters grandfather from her father’s family line was born in an area currently belonging to Poland. His original name was Abraham Isaac, but he changed it to Warmwater after moving to England. A couple of years later he changed his last name once again and that is how his granddaughter ended up to be called Walters.
Louis, Barbara’s father, worked as a Broadway producer and an Entertainment director for a popular resort n Las Vegas. Although Louis’ fortune never came close to Barbara Walters net worth, at the peak of his career Walter was a wealthy man and the whole family lived in a luxurious penthouse. With her father working in an entertainments business, Barbara was surrounded by celebrities since the day she can remember. This childhood experience proved to be useful in her later career, when Walters had to take interviews from artists and influential politicians- she never felt overwhelmed by their fame.

Now you have an idea why Barbara Walters net worth is this huge

barbara walters net worth barbara walters net worth

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