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Earl Simmons is an American rapper, better known as DMX, which stands for Dark Man X. His bestselling album …And Then There Was X was released into the market in 1999. This 3rd album was sold in more copies than any other of his CDs that came after. Talking about his career in movies, films like Romeo Must Die, Cradle 2, The Grave, Last Hour and Exit Wounds are worth mentioning. In 2006 DMX got his own reality show on BET television called DMX: Soul of a Man.

DMX net worth – 2 Million bucks!

DMX net worth is currently estimated to be $2 million.
DMX first climbed on the scene in 1980s as a beatboxer. It took around ten years until he was noticed by one of the columnists of The Source magazine and mentioned in his article as one of the greatest yet unsigned hip- hop performers. After this article, in 1992 DMX signed a deal with Columbia Records subsidiary company Ruffhouse. The company helped him release his first single, but as it has not attract a lot of attention, Ruffhouse decided to terminate their agreement with DMX. It was not until 1997-1998 that this rapper’s music earned a wider recognition and DMX net worth began to grow.
His debut album, entitled It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, reached the daylight in 1998. It hit the Billboard 100 at number one position and was sold in 5 million units, adding a solid sum to DMX net worth.

Now you have an idea why DMX net worth is this huge

DMX net worth DMX net worth

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