George H. W. Bush net worth

George H. W. Bush is a high standing politician and 41th President of the United States. Before winning this honorable office George has served as a Vice President, ambassador, congressman and Director of Central Intelligence. Born in 1924, he is currently the oldest US President alive. George H. W. Bush net worth is currently estimated at $25 million dollars.
George was born in Massachusetts, in a family of Dorothy Walker and Prescott Bush. His father was a wealthy banker and politician, who represented Connecticut in the United States Congress.

George H. W. Bush net worth – 25 Million bucks!

Growing in Greenwich, bush attended Phillips Academy, where his leader qualities unfolded. Not only George was elected the class president, he was also a chairman of student council, captain of baseball and soccer teams, one of the school paper editors and the most active member of the local fund-raising group. Back in the day nobody has doubted that George will succeed in whichever path he chooses, but few could have guessed that one day George H. W. Bush net worth will exceed $20 million.
Right before the Pearl Harbor attack Bush was planning to go to college. As soon as he heard that America was drawn into the war, Bush decided to postpone his studies and signed to join the U. S. Navy. At the age 18 he went down into the history as the youngest military aviator in America. He remained in service right until 1944 and subsequently attended one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Yale.

Now you have an idea why George H. W. Bush net worth is this huge

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