George Jones net worth

George Jones was one of the most popular musicians, who was known to international audiences for a lot of hits created by him. It has been claimed that the amount of George Jones net worth at the time of his death reached 35 million dollars. George Jones was credited with having a distinct voice as well as phrasing in his songs. During the last 20 years of his living, George Jones was usually titled as the best country musician of all time.

George Jones net worth – 35 Million bucks!

George Jones was also nicknamed as “The Possum” due to his facial features. Moreover, George Jones claimed that he toured only 60 times during one year’s time, however, this number was enough for him to accumulate such a high net worth and establish himself as one of the most respected country music stars. Thus, his involvement into country music has served as one of the main sources of George Jones net worth.
George Jones was born in 1931 in Texas. He got interested into country music when he was seven years old. By the time he was nine years old, George Jones started to learn how to play a guitar. In 1950, George Jones married for the first time, however, the marriage did not last long, as he divorced in the following year.

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