Giuliana Rancic net worth

Giuliana Rancic is an American journalist and television personality of Italian decent. She is currently co-hosting the most prominent program on E! television, E! News. During her career Giuliana has also hosted a number of red–carpet events, such as Academy Awards and Golden Globes, Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants. Those are not the only duties of Rancic- she is also an executive producer and creator of MTV’s reality show Rap Celebrity Superstar. She made a brief appearance as an actress on a film Bring It On: Fight to the Finish.

Giuliana Rancic net worth – 7 Million bucks!

Giuliana Rancic net worth is currently estimated at $7 million and her annual salary is one million dollars.
Rancic was born in Italy and immigrated to Maryland as a little girl, along with her family. Eduardo DePandi, her father, was a great tailor and soon opened a luxurious men clothing store in the town where they settled. One of Giuliana’s siblings, Pasquale DePandi, is a talented musician and a successful opera singer. Despite professional recognition, Pasquale earns much less than his show-star sister and his fortune is inferior to Giuliana Rancic net worth. When Giuliana immigrated to the United States her English skills were close to zero. The girl learned the langue by watching television, mostly various news channels, and trying to repeat the sentences she had heard. Looking at the elegant and smart anchorwomen on television, Giuliana realized that was exactly what she wanted to do as a grown up.

Now you have an idea why Giuliana Rancic net worth is this huge

giuliana rancic net worth giuliana rancic net worth giuliana rancic net worth

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