Joe Biden net worth

Joseph Robinette or simply Joe Biden, Jr. is an incumbent Vice President of the United States of America. He is a right hand of the president Barack Obama and just like the President belongs to the Democratic Party. Joe Biden net worth is currently estimated at $500 thousand.
Joe was born in Pennsylvania in a family of Joseph Robinette Biden and Catherine Eugenia Biden. He was the oldest son ant the first child of Biden’s, thus inherited his father’s name.

Joe Biden net worth – 500 Million bucks!

His father used to be a very wealthy man but his business went down before his first child was born. When Joe Jr. was still a toddler the family didn’t even have their own place and stayed at Catherine’s parents’ house. Who could have known that one day Joe Biden net worth will grow to exceed the former fortunes of his father. Joe graduated from Archmere Academy in 1961 and went on to study at the University of Delaware.
During his years in Delaware Joe used to spend more time playing football than studying. Despite the lack of commitment, the great memory helped Biden get through the exams. He graduated from university with a Bachelor in history and political science in 1965. Even back then Joe had an ambitious goal to become a Senator before he turns 30 and hoped to take a chair of President one day.
Joe Biden net worth was not his main goal, first and foremost he wanted to gain political influence.

Now you have an idea why Joe Biden net worth is this huge

joe biden net worth joe biden net worth

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