Joe Francis net worth

Joe Francis is an American businessman and producer, best known as the founder and the developer of a successful adult entertainment franchise Girls Gone Wild. The company was a pioneer in using direct-response marketing techniques. It earns capital by making and distributing videos of young woman behaving “wildly” and willingly exposing their bodies at the parties. Joe Francis net worth is currently estimated at $150 million.
Francis was born in Georgia and raised in California, were he graduated from Laguna Beach High School.

Joe Francis net worth – 150 Million bucks!

As a teenager he used to work at the video store. After the high school Joe continued his studies in the field of business. In 1995 he graduated from the University of Southern Carolina with a degree in entrepreneurship and business administration. The business plan that eventually boosted Joe Francis net worth traces back to the period when Joe worked as a production assistant for a reality television program Real TV. While looking for the videos to play on this show Francis found the footage taken during the Spring Break in a college campus that showed two girls flashing their breasts in the party. Francis has realized that such videos could attract a wide audience and hence earn a lot of money.
The Girls Gone Wild franchise was created by Joe in 1997 and soon became extremely profitable. During the first couple of years the company added over $20 million to Joe Francis net worth.

Now you have an idea why Joe Francis net worth is this huge

Joe Francis net worth Joe Francis net worth Joe Francis net worth

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