Kendra Wilkinson net worth

Kendra Wilkinson, now Kendra Leigh Baskett, is television personality, model, businesswoman and book author from the United States. She is well known for dating Hugh Hefner, currently nearly ninety-year-old founder and chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises. Her life in Playboy mansion was documented in reality TV series The Girls Next Door. In 2009 E! television has started airing her own reality show Kendra. Kendra Wilkinson net worth is currently estimated at $6 million and her annual salary is $2 million.

Kendra Wilkinson net worth – 6 Million bucks!

Kendra was born in San Diego, in a family of Russian, English and Irish decent. Her parents divorced when Kendra was 8. Wilkinson graduated from Claremont High School in 2003 and decided not to continue her studies in college. She worked as administrative assistant in a local dentist office before being hired as a glamour model. At first her salary for modeling was quite low, but eventually she managed to make it to the top of industry and Kendra net worth started to grow little by little. In 2004 she was hired to be one of the models at seventy-eighth Hefner’s birthday party. Hugh liked Kendra since the moment he saw her. Soon he asked her to become one of his three girlfriends and to move in with him to the famous Playboy mansion. As you already understood Kendra accepted his invitation. She stayed in the mansion were her life was followed by The Girls next Door TV cameras for nearly five years.

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