Michael J. Fox net worth

Michael J. Fox, formerly known as Michael Andrew Fox, is a talented Canadian-American actor, voice artist, author, producer and activist. He gained prominence on Canadian television in 1970s and went on to appear in a number of successful movies. His most prominent roles were in a trilogy Back to the Future, where he portrayed Marty McFly, and Family Ties, where he appeared as Alex P. Keaton. This later role garnered Michael a Golden Globe and three Emmys. Since 1996 Douglas filmed in Spin City, for which he received 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2 Golden Globes and one Emmy.

Michael J. Fox net worth – 65 Million bucks!

In 2000, nearly ten years after he was diagnosed with a dangerous disease, Michael has basically switched to voice acting. He dubbed various characters in such animated movies as Stuart Little and Aliens: The Lost Empire. Michael J. Fox net worth is currently estimated at $65 million.
Michael was born in Alberta, in a family of Phyllis and William Fox. His mother was a payroll clerk and an occasional actress, while his father has worked as a police officer. Although his parent’s fortune never came close to Michael J. Fox net worth, the family belonged to the upper-middle class and never had to suffer from deprivation. In 1976 a 15-year-old was cast for a little known Canadian situation comedy Leo and Me. Although this role did not add much Michael J. Fox net worth, it helped him realize that he will not be happy doing any other job, but acting.

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michael j. fox net worth michael j. fox net worth

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