Tiger Woods net worth

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, a professional golf player, is probably the all time greatest, most accolades winning athlete in his field. For several years the journal Forbes ranked him among the highest paid athletes in the world. It is not surprising that today Tiger Woods net worth is already over $500 million.
Tiger started his professional career in 1996. By June 1997 he has already reached number one position in the world rankings. After this amazing entrance, Woods stayed a major player in golf all through the 2000s.

Tiger Woods net worth – 500 Million bucks!

According to Forbes, his annual earnings in 2001 were around $69 million, steadily growing to reach $100 million at 2006. For the next three years his annual revenues stayed above this point. However, in 2009 he had to leave professional golf due to the serious problems in his personal life.
After a number of women went public telling about their love affairs with Tiger, he had to leave sports to focus on his marriage. Unfortunately, it did not help and the couple got the divorce in 2010. The same year Woods returned to the golf field and after a short drop down soon regained his form. As for January 2013 he was ranked No. 2 in the world.
Not surprisingly, Tiger earned his first million form winning tournaments. It is estimated that since 1996, the beginning of his career, Tiger has earned over $90 million from 239 PGA stars.

Now you have an idea why Tiger Woods net worth is this huge

Tiger Woods net worth Tiger Woods net worth

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