Dave Matthews Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Last Updated on November 24, 2021 by Tynisha Hirsch

As of the latest report, the American artist Dave Matthews is worth $300 million.

How is he so rich?

He is rich because he plays with his band and records music on top of that. He has a record label as well. So, because of all these things, his net worth is $300 million.

What happened to his band’s violinist?

The band’s violinist Tinsley was fired in 2018 for sexual harassment. Before, Tinsley graduated from the University of Virginia with a history degree. (source)

How many Adam Sandler movies is he in?

He was in two of Adam Sandler’s movies.

He was a cameo in the movies You Don’t Mess With the Zohan and I Now Pronounce You, Chuck & Larry. In Just Go With It, he finally gets a supporting role in a Happy Madison production (he plays Nicole Kidman’s husband). (source)

Is he religious?

He is not religious. He said that he does not know if there is a higher power.

What does the Dave Matthews symbol mean?

The symbol means “free.”

It is an original design that Dave Matthews drew after being asked what he saw when he looked into the crowd at a concert while performing. He saw someone letting go and just dancing.

Who is his band new violinist?

Boyd Tinsley is the band’s new violinist.

How did his violinist die?

The violinist died in an accident. He was hurt at home on June 30, 2008. His last performance was two days before.

Did his band break up?

The band did not break up. It is still performing music, and can you go see them on tour until 2021.

Who was kicked out of the band?

Tinsley was the guy that got kicked out because of sexual harassment. (source)

Who is the band’s bass player?

Stefan Lessard is the bassist for the band. He was born on June 4th, 1974.

Why did Boyd leave Dave Matthews Band?

Boyd left the band because he didn’t feel well.

When someone had a job that they don’t want to do anymore, they can take some time off. Sometimes they don’t come back though.

Does Dave Matthews live in Charlottesville?

Yes, he lived in Charlottesville earlier in his life. He owns a winery in Virginia. He also has properties in Virginia.

The family lived in Charlottesville but traveled to South Africa when they were teenagers and Dave spent time there too. (source)

Where is Dave Matthews born?

When Dave Matthews was born, he was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. A self-taught musician, he started a band and made a demo tape in 1990.

When did Dave Matthews leave South Africa?

He was born on January 9, 1967, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He moved around the world as a child and teenager. In 1985, he left South Africa for good because he was not sure if he would have to join the military. (source)

What is Dave Matthews’ biggest hit?

He has made many songs, but his biggest hit is “Where Are You Going?”

Who died from the Dave Matthews Band?

LeRoi Moore died from an ATV accident.

Did he write all his songs?

He wrote all of his songs, but he played with other people. He made songs with his band, and some with Tim Reynolds.

How many instruments can he play?

He can play guitar and piano professionally.

What is his favorite song?

What does the band’s fire dancer mean?

The fire dancer is the band’s official logo. It is an original artwork by Dave himself and it means that people should relax and enjoy themselves.

Is he a vegetarian?

Yes, he is a vegetarian musician. He has recently gone vegan.

Dave likes to go to Seattle, WA, and eat at restaurants such as Rancho Bravo and Heartbeet Organic Superfoods Cafe.

How long is the band’s concert?

Concerts of the band last about 2.5 hours. (source)

Where does he live today?

He lives in Seattle with his family. He also owns a winery and recording studio.


In summary, as of the latest report, the American artist Dave Matthews is worth $300 million.

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