Jack Butorac Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

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As of the latest reports, Jack Butorac, Marco’s Pizza CEO, is worth at least $1 million.

Who is the CEO of Marco’s Pizza?

The CEO is Jack Butorac. He has been the CEO since 2004.

In order to prepare for further growth and make sure the company’s trajectory revenue is maintained, the company’s president and COO Tony Libardi will also become the Co-CEO since December 28, 2020. (source)

Is the franchise black-owned?

Yes, Leo Thomas is a black man who owns five different Marco’s Pizza locations in Southern California. (source)

When was it founded?

In 1978, the pizza company Marco’s was started in Toledo, Ohio.

It is a company that makes Italian-style pizza with fresh ingredients. In 2021, it had been open for 38 years.

Where is Pat Giammarco from?

Pat Giammarco is from Sulmona, Italy. He was born there and he founded Marco’s Pizza.

How many Marcos pizzas are there in 2021?

In 2021, there will be 1,069 locations in the US.

Ohio has the most number of locations in the US with 141 (around 13% total).

Why is Marco’s Pizza so good?

It is one of the best pizza chains around.

It was voted as the favorite pizza chain in 2017 because it has good food, atmosphere, and cleanliness.

It is better than lots of other pizza places because its founder is Italian.

Which pizza is better Marcos or Dominos?

Domino’s Pizza is the most popular pizza. 15% of people love it and 32% like it. And 12% don’t like it and 10% dislike it.

Marco’s has fewer people that eat there: 14%. 47% of customers like Domino’s but only 21% like Marco’s best.

What makes Marco’s Pizza different?

It is different because it is made with fresh ingredients. They make their dough and sauce in the store every day.

How much does a Marco’s Pizza franchise cost?

You need $125,000 to buy one. Plus you need $400,000 in total assets.

This means that to buy one franchise, you’ll spend about $293,515 – $619,710 every single month. (source)

What is the white sauce at Marcos?

The white cheese sauce is a delicious blend of cheeses, cream, and butter. You can use it as a pasta sauce or to dip your food in or on top.

What cheese does Marco’s pizza use?

It uses cheddar cheese, shaved parmesan, and a 3-cheese blend. They put it on their Zesty 5 Cheese Pizza.

Is Marco’s Pizza frozen?

It is not frozen. It is made with three kinds of cheese.

It is fresh and never frozen, so it will melt well when put on the pizza.

Does Marcos use real cheese?

Yes, this is real cheese. It isn’t made from milk or something that doesn’t sound like cheese.

How many employees does Marco’s Pizza have?

The franchise has around 2,500 employees.

Is Marco’s Pizza better than Pizza Hut?

It’s up to your taste buds. But here is an interesting comparison video:

What is the Marco’s promise of delight?

It promises its customers a good time.

If you are not happy with your visit, let them know and they will make it better.

They let the people who own the store know how much money they saved on food and equipment so that each store can get what it needs for a good price.

How big are Marcos pizzas?

At Marcos, there are four sizes of pizza.

The small size is 10 inches in diameter, the medium size is 12 inches.

The large size is 16 inches and the X-Large size is a 16-inch pizza.

You can choose from three types of crust: traditional crust with an original flavor, crispy thin crust with a classic flavor, or gluten-free crust with a tomato sauce base.

Is Marco’s Pizza better than Little Caesars?

It has a good social sentiment.

Meanwhile, Little Caesar’s is neutral.

So, you know the answer.


As of the latest reports, Jack Butorac is worth at least $1 million.

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